Special Services

Child Study Team

Riverdale Special Services offer a continuum of programs, placements and related services to meet the needs of resident children who are eligible to receive special education services.  For an eligible child, these services can begin as early as three years of age and may consist of services provided in district or through an out of district placement.   Once a child is determined to be eligible, an Individualized Educational Program is developed by a team comprised of:  member(s) of the Child Study Team, a regular education teacher, a special education teacher and the youngster’s parent.  If appropriate, the youngster is also included in the decision making process.

The program for a student with disabilities is required by law to be provided in the “least restrictive environment.”  This means that a student should receive as many services as possible within the general education setting; being removed from that setting only when critical to the youngster’s success. 

Programs presently offered at Riverdale School include the following:

The Inclusive Pre-School Program is a three hour program for children between the ages of three and five. Typical peers and students who are experiencing developmental delays in motor skills, social-emotional behavior, cognitive abilities, and/or speech and language development participate in either a morning or afternoon session.

There is also a range of special education programs in Riverdale School for students in grades K-8. These programs presently include Resource Center instruction and LLD classes. In the Resource Center programs, teachers provide direct instruction in a single subject area as well as facilitate the development of organizational skills and learning strategies.  The LLD Program provides a structured learning environment in which instruction is individualized to meet the identified needs of the special education student in a specialized setting.     

If you presently have a youngster receiving special education and related services and require assistance in understanding your child’s program or services, please feel free to call, email, or schedule a time to come in and meet with his/her case manager.  Accordingly,  should you suspect that your youngster might be eligible for services, please contact the Child Study Team for information on beginning the referral process.

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