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  1. Hire a Superintendent to be in place by July 1, 2020. 
  2. To communicate proactively on/with
    1. Budget-approved projects
    2. School families
    3. Administration and Faculty
  3. To streamline the efficiency of Board meetings so that the Board can continue to increase educational stakeholder presentations and recognition at meetings.  
  4. To prepare for and engage in successful negotiations with the faculty.
  1. Using the PARCC scores as baseline data, continuing to demonstrate improvement in student achievement in the areas of Math and Language Arts, with a focus on below-proficient performers.  
  2. Continue to write and implement curriculum in a standardized format across content areas. 
  3. Expand the Gifted and Talented program. 
  4. Continue the 1:1 technology initiative in the middle school by providing students with devices by the end of the first marking period and explore the expansion of this initiative to other users.

Mission Statement

The ultimate goal for our students is to achieve individual academic success by being self-directed, self-disciplined, and responsible. It is the expectation of this school district that all pupils achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, at all grade levels.

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