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  • Just a reminder all allergy and asthma action plans need to be filled out by your child's physician and returned to the nurse's office each school year along with epinephrine auto-injectors and inhalers.  All medications sent in will be returned to the parent/guardian at the end of the school year.
  • If your child needs to take a medication during the school day a medication administration form needs to be completed by the child's physician. All forms can be found on this website. 
  • Parent's when calling in an absence for your child please state the child's name, teacher and reason for the absence.
  • Please forward all documentation of vaccines received to the nurses office - most importantly from those students in Kindergarten and Grade 6.
  • Please let me know of any updates about your child's health. Being it new immunizations, physicals, medications, referral results etc.


Health Services

  • Blood pressure, height and weight screenings are performed annually on each student. Students in pre-K through grade 3 and 7th grade have auditory screenings. Students in pre-K, K, 2, 4, 6, and 8 will have vision screenings. If you feel your child is having difficulty hearing or seeing and they are not in the above-mentioned grades and you would like to have them screened please contact me.

  • Scoliosis screenings are performed annually on students in Grades 5 & 7.

  • Please notify the health office with the results of any referral you may have received regarding these screening.

  • Our school dentist performs dental screenings, if desired, on each student annually.


Annual Health Updates

  • Any student diagnosed with any chronic illness such as: asthma, diabetes, food or insect allergies, etc. will have their medical plan and individual health plan updated annually.


Communicable Diseases

  • Children MUST be fever (100.4 degrees or higher) free for 24 hours before returning to school (without the use of Tylenol, Motrin, etc.).

  • Children MUST be symptom-free (vomiting/diarrhea) for 24 hours before returning to school.

  • Children with Strep throat must be on antibiotics for 24 hrs before returning to school.

  • If your child exhibits a rash of undetermined origin, please consult your physician before sending the child to school.

  • Students who present with “pink eye” need to be evaluated by their physician prior to being sent school.


Emergency Services

  • In the event of an in school emergency, local emergency services will be immediately notified. The student’s parent/ guardian will also be immediately notified. Your child will then be transported, via ambulance, to the nearest appropriate facility as determined by the paramedic/first aid squad.
  • Riverdale Public School has an Automatic External Defibrillator on site. The school nurse and designated staff are certified in its use.
  • It is crucial that you keep the contact information on your child’s emergency card up to date.


Health Office Visits

  • A log of your child’s health office visits is kept and updated daily. If you wish to view this log, please contact the health office.


NJ Family Care

  • Here is information regarding New Jersey Kid Care. Please do not hesitate to contact me to receive information regarding this type of health insurance. 
  • NJ Family Care Applications are also available in the health office.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or problems.


Caitlin Jenkins BSN, RN

School Nurse

973-839-1300 x 104

[email protected]


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